30MB Download Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Highly Compressed For Android PPSSPP

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Every single game we provide you were Tested and Tried by Team Duddelas which were played by a Member of duddelas and Highly compress it for you to save your Time and Data.
The main purpose is to create a safe gaming experience on your android device
[place your trust save time and data]

Additional Information
Platforms: Android

Works on Any Android Device
Minimum requirement to play this game 1GB Ram lagfree and the game is offline doesnt need data connection to play it but it requires some data to download it.
Works on every android ios or mac devices

Game Section Have a look and Download

Download an emulator
There are free emulators on the web available for download for iOS. You can either download it directly on your iOS smartphone or on your Mac. If it’s on your PC you have to transfer it to your smartphone via USB cable.

Install the emulator
After downloading or transferring it from your PC, you need to install it before use it. It's simple to do that. Just double-click on the file.

Download your games
You can proceed to download your games via the emulator, just like you would on an android device. 
However, you need to stay on the app each time you want to play your android game.
You can also get a PlayStation game on your device. 
Although most PlayStation games are not available for android, some software makes it possible to play PSP games on your device. 
This software is a PSP emulator. They make your device platform match up to the PlayStation for games. 
There are different kinds of PSP emulators, but the most popular is the PPSSPP emulator.

PPSSPP Emulator
Playstation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portable (PPSSPP) is one of the top PSP emulators for android devices. This emulator is available for download for free. It is easy to use and it plays PSP games compatible with your Android device. It converts downloaded phone games into ISO and CSO files. It also stores the game on your device or external storage attached to your device, like the SD card.

How to Download PPSSPP Games
Download the Emulator.
Before downloading a PPSSPP game, you need to first download the emulator. PPSSPP emulator app is available on the Google Play store for free download unless you want to go premium – download the paid version.

Install PPSSPP Games
The emulator does not come with PSP games, so you need to install them once you are done downloading the emulator.

How to Install PPSSPP Games

Here is a Short Tutorial How To Download and Install a Game on Android
  • Open the emulator app on your device and grant the app permission to access your device storage.
  • Download game iso file from above iso File is .
  • The downloaded games are always in ISO or CSO formats contains in a zip or rar folder.
  • Now install the zarcheiver from google play store to extract iso zip file which is rar.
  • Now open ppsspp emulator acess it.
  • Find out the extracted iso file in ppsspp emulator.
  • You can see the game logo.
  • Click on it and you are ready to go now.
  • Free to play the games.
  • The game is offline now its time for gaming Experience it!

Bottom Line
Looking for more Games? use our search thousands of games in our database & still adding Feel free to Try Duddelas games collections.

Hope you have enjoyed it stay safe take care see you in upcoming post. if you find any issues while downloading game or playing it feel free to contact us by using contact form. if still have doubts on installation process visit our youtube channel for detailed information regard how to install the game hope you find it usefull and helpfull thanks.
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Silent Hill Shattered Memories (700mb)
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Spider-Man 3 (40mb)
Spider-Man Friend or Foe (400mb)
Spider-Man Web of Shadows (200mb)
SpongeBobs Truth or Square (1gb)
Star Ocean Second Evolution (1gb)
Star Ocean First Departure (800mb)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (500mb)
Star Wars Lethal Alliance (400mb)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed (600mb)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (100mb)
Super Monkey Ball Adventure (100mb)
SWAT Target Liberty (500mb)
Sword Art Online Infinity Moment (600mb)
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror (1gb)
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (600mb)
Tekken 6 (700mb)
Tekken 7 (200mb)
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (400mb)
The Bigs 2 (400mb)
The Godfather: Mob Wars (100mb)
The Lord of the Rings Aragorn’s Quest (300mb)
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The Warriors (500mb)
The 3rd Birthday (1gb)
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Tron Evolution (100mb)
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UFC Undisputed (1gb)
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Ultraman All-Star Chronicle (800mb)
Ultraman Fighting Evolution (100mb)
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Up (Usa) (200mb)
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Valhalla Knights 2 (200mb)
Valkyria Chronicles II (700mb)
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Virtua Tennis 3 (200mb)
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Wild Arms XF (1gb) NEW!
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Winning Eleven 9 (400mb)
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Warriors Orochi 2 (1gb)
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WWE All-Stars (1gb)
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WWE 2K18 (1.3gb)
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (300mb)
Xiaolin Showdown (200mb)
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