GTA SA ANDROID - ORIGINAL DirectX 2.0 Mod in GTA SanAndreas for pc/laptop|

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Duddelas gaming here you can find the top highly compressed android games also you can find the different format games like sports fps rpg and more.

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Need Android Device

There are a lot of things to do with your android device in your leisure time, one of which is to play games on it. But before you do that, you need to download them, they don't come automatically with your device. This article contains step-by-step guides on how to download the game. Read on to find out more!

Team Duddelas

Every single game we provide you were tested and tried by team duddelas which were played by a Team member of duddelas and highly compress it for you to save your time and data.
the main purpose is to create a safe gaming experience on your android device.

[ place your trust save time and data ]

Additional Information

Platforms: Android

New cars

Dynamic light effect

New Sun

Wet streets

New grass

New lighting

New timecyc

New colorcycle

Weight 500 Mb compressed

Low-end compatible

Mid-range compatible

High-end compatible

Compatible with GTA SA 2.0


Works on Any Android Device

Works on every android ios or mac devices
1gb ram minimum requirement to play this game lagfree and the game is offline doesnt need data connection to play it but it requires some data to download it.

Mediafire Game Link Section Have a look Below and Download


Password: Broken.C

How to Download Android games

Your android device always comes with a play store where you can download apps and games. 

  • Open the play store on your device

  • Select the game icon from the left corner at the bottom

  • Choose your genre and install any game of your choice from there.

For iOS, android games cannot be downloaded without added help. 

How to Install PPSSPP Games

Here is a Short Tutorial How To Download and Install a Game on Android


    The installation process of this modification is a fairly simple process that all of you can follow, after downloading the corresponding file of the modification you are going to unzip it with any file explorer that you have on your phone and after unzipping it you will have one folder named: 


    That folder should be moved to the following path:

    > Android

    > Data

    > they paste it there

Bottom Line

Looking for more Games? use our search thousands of games in our database & still adding Feel free to see Duddelas games collections.

Hope you enjoyed it stay safe take care see you in upcoming post. if you find any issues while downloading game or playing it feel free to contact us by using contact form. if still have doubts on installation process visit our youtube channel for detailed information regard how to install the game hope you find it usefull and helpfull thanks.

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